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In Reality Podcast Presents "The Power of Honesty"

Blog | Nov 01, 2019

In episode three of In Reality: Lessons from Leaders and Entrepreneurs, Michele Gay and Madison Mallardi, founders of LimeLife, discuss the importance of being honest business leaders and redefining success.
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Jennifer Salta Discusses Her "Unshakable Core" in Latest Podcast Episode

Blog | Oct 21, 2019

In episode two of In Reality: Lessons from Leaders and Entrepreneurs, John Rebecchi (M.B.A. ’83) interviews Jennifer Salta, the founder of Unmarked Industries. "UNMARKED INDUSTRIES is a female-owned jewelry design and manufacturer in New York. We are dedicated to producing quality, handmade jewelry that connects the hand of the artist to the heart of the modern market" ("What We Stand For" Unmarked Industries).
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MSG Internship Experience

Blog | Oct 17, 2019

Recent MBA graduate, Namrata Pandey, describes her experience working as an intern for Madison Square Garden.
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Professor Gantasala's BUSI 435 Class Earns Global Top 25 Ranking

Blog | Dec 19, 2018

Students in Professor Gantasala's BUSI 435 class received Global Top 25 ranking from their GLO-BUS performance! BUSI 435 is a capstone course for business students that integrates knowledge and skills in various functional areas of business for corporate and business strategy development.
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Dr. Aliza D. Racelis, Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Explains Organizational Culture

Blog | Oct 24, 2018

Throughout the fall 2018 semester, Dr. Aliza D. Racelis, a visiting Fulbright Scholar, will share her knowledge and expertise with SOM students, faculty, and staff. She recently explained the concept of organizational culture to MBA students.
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Owned: When Consumers Feel a Brand Is “Theirs”

Feature | Sep 17, 2018

According to Colleen P. Kirk, D.P.S., when consumers feel psychological ownership of a brand, they are happy to spend more for it; but businesses should be aware that these devoted customers also feel entitled to wield some control over the brand.

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Alicia Atmadja's Progression From Student to Future Professor

Blog | Jul 27, 2018

Alicia Atmadja, a recent graduate of NYIT’s M.B.A program, has decided to pursue her PhD in Consumer Behavior so that she can teach others.
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Dr. Deborah Y. Cohn Provides Suggestions for Celebrating Independence Day

Blog | Jul 10, 2018

Dr. Deborah Y. Cohn was featured in Wallethub on celebrating Independence Day. Although the 4th of July has recently passed, Dr. Cohn’s advice and suggestions can be taken into consideration for future Independence Days and celebrations.
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NYIT SoM Nanjing Holds 2nd Annual Industry Conference

Blog | Jun 20, 2018

NYIT School of Management held its 2nd Annual Industry Conference at Communication University of China (CUC).
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Dr. Colleen P. Kirk Discusses Psychological Ownership in The Academic Minute

Blog | Jun 14, 2018

Colleen P. Kirk, Assistant Professor of Marketing, discusses shopper psychological ownership and territoriality in The Academic Minute.
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