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Leading By Example

Oct 19, 2020

In this week’s episode of In Reality: Lessons from Leaders and Entrepreneurs, John Rebecchi interviews Dan Rodenbush, President and CEO of Oliver, Inc., a premier printing and packaging company. Throughout Rodenbush’s career he has had entrepreneurship experience. In the podcast, Rodenbush explains he is “very thankful that I had that blend of big company and entreprenury experience.”

When discussing the core values of a company, Rodenbush believes it is important to get the people and culture correct the first time in order to run a successful business. The culture guides the people and it needs to have core values and a core focus. Currently, EOS, Enterprenurial Operating Systems, is used at Oliver, Inc. This system has created a common vision. These values and vision include ensuring the people within the organization are passionate, respecting others, making sure the company stays customer-centric, continuing to be a creative solution supplier, and encouraging everyone to enjoy what they do.

Rodenbush also discusses meeting within the company. He discusses something he refers to as rocks, which are objectives. The company meets weekly to discuss the rocks to see if they are on track. These weekly meetings are essential because they keep the company on track and help find solutions to various problems. Each week the company comes up with a plan to solve the problem that day or they come up with a plan to implement in order to achieve a solution in the future. Furthermore, data and information is shared with everyone in the company. In this way, everyone is aware of the goals of the company.

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By Konstance Teleisha