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BS Health Sciences Alumni Profile: Christopher Frumusa, MHA

May 01, 2018

SHP Alumni Profile:Christopher Frumusa, MHA

Bachelor of Health Sciences, Spring 2014

Current Area of Professional Practice:
Account Manager for a Non-Acute Healthcare Supply Chain Company; Innovatix LLC, a member of Premier Inc. (Healthcare Improvement Company)
Please describe your professional journey since graduating from NYIT.
Immediately following graduation, I attended Hofstra University where I obtained my Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree. I graduated from Hofstra in Spring of 2016 and started working at my current job weeks later. After 14 months at my job I was able to advance to the position that I currently hold; managing our Senior Living/Skilled Nursing Facility/Assisted Living Facility Accounts. It is my job to review their pricing agreements with all the vendors they purchase from and analyze their current spend to find additional cost savings.

How did your NYIT experience influence you professionally?
NYIT gave me an extremely comprehensive education in the field of healthcare and really helped shaped my decision to pursue a graduate degree in this field. NYIT helped me realize my passion for helping people and wanting to be involved in healthcare without being a clinical professional.
What are some interests, hobbies, and activities that you enjoy doing with your spare time?
In my spare time I enjoy reading and running. One of my favorite topics to read about is healthcare; specifically, the way in which healthcare has an impact on politics and our government. This is such a crazy time to work in healthcare with many changes possible on the horizon. I also enjoy giving back and volunteering, I am very active and involved in both my undergraduate and graduate programs speaking to students and attending events. For a period, I was also regularly volunteering at Parker Jewish Institute for Healthcare and Rehabilitation through the Alzheimer’s Association.

What words of advice would you offer for current and future students?
Try new things, step out of your comfort zone and take risks. I’ve learned that you will rarely ever succeed unless you put yourself out there. Networking is key, talk to people you can relate to and ask them to share their story as to how they got to where they are, use their narrative as inspiration to start your own journey.