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Experts Offer Guidance on Ways Athletes Can Overcome Physical and Emotional Challenges

Feature | Nov 07, 2019

Health-care professionals discussed ways athletes can overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges to achieve success in their sport at the New York Institute of Technology Center for Sports Medicine’s Annual Conference on November 4.

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Alumni Profile: Christopher Frumusa

Profile | Feb 15, 2019

Christopher Frumusa (B.S. ’14) came to NYIT to study physical therapy. He switched his major to health sciences after he realized he wanted to help patients in a different way.

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Alumni Profile: Alix Small Anand

Profile | Feb 08, 2019

When babies are too sick to nurse or bottle feed, Neonatal Dietician Alix Small Anand (M.S. ’12) ensures they get the right nutrition.

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Alumni Profile: Alessandra Capizzi

Profile | Feb 06, 2019

As a physician assistant, Capizzi is fulfilling her lifelong dream to help patients and finding ways to make a positive impact on the profession.

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NYIT makes an impact at the American Physical Therapy Association’s 2019 Combined Sections Meeting

Alumni Profile: Amanda Caruso

Profile | Dec 12, 2018

Amanda Caruso (M.S. ’18) plans to draw on her service-learning experiences at NYIT to help others as a professional occupational therapist.

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Alumni Profile: Dane Masuda

Profile | Nov 07, 2018

Physician assistant and naval officer Dane Masuda helps provide primary care to the young men and women living and working on board a U.S. Naval ship off the coast of Japan.

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Alumni and Faculty Profile: Jessica Estanislau

Profile | Oct 12, 2018

As an adjunct instructor, Jessica Estanislau helps PA students successfully transition from the classroom to the clinical setting.

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Alumni Profile: Amanda Kaminaris

Profile | Sep 21, 2018

Amanda Kaminaris applied for NYIT’s undergraduate advanced research program thinking it would be a good resume builder. Instead, biomedical research became a major part of her education.
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News Brief: Physical Therapy Graduates Break NYIT Record, Score Big

Feature | Aug 13, 2018

NYIT physical therapy 2018 graduates’ 94.9 percent first-time pass rate on the NPTE national licensing exam in July surpasses NYIT’s historical pass rate and exceeds the 92.3 percent national average.

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