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2nd Year OT Student Carla Bazan Attends Peru Medical Missions

Oct 24, 2018

In August of 2018, 2nd year OT student, Carla Bazan, attended two medical missions in Peru. In preparation for her trip, Carla constructed an information document and questionnaire based off of aspects of the domain of occupational therapy and one of the conceptual frameworks. Her goal was to advocate for the role of occupational therapy. Not only did Carla want to educate the patients of these missions, but she also wanted to apply what she learned thus far in the OT program at NYIT.

Carla’s experience at these two medical missions was life changing. She was challenged, pushed out of her comfort zone, and experienced an array of emotions.

The first medical mission she attended took place in the poorest district of Peru. She witnessed a diverse number of patients with many different diagnoses. Out of the many patients she saw, there were three exceptional cases that really made an impression on her. Their resources were minimal, but their resilience was magnificent. Despite their injuries and conditions, they did what it took to attend therapy and tried their very best.

Information Carla learned about one particular patient was heartbreaking. It made her realize how the many different areas of occupational therapy could really help someone.

The second medical mission she attended emphasized this concept even more. This experience helped her understand (1) how much help people in this world need, and (2) how she wants to be someone who makes a difference.

The NYIT OT faculty are proud of Carla’s outreach and selfless service to the patients at these two missions in Peru.