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NYIT-JUFE Graduates Honored in Nanchang

Feature | Apr 23, 2019

On April 15, NYIT partner Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) honored the first members of the Class of 2019 in a graduation ceremony in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China.

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18th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception: Celebrating NYIT’s Creative Achievements

Feature | Apr 19, 2019

Nearly 190 scholars, scientists, professionals, and researchers were honored at the 18th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception at NYIT de Seversky Mansion on April 11.

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New Research Shows Why People Are Willing to Pamper Their Pets

Feature | Apr 10, 2019

A new study by Assistant Professor Colleen P. Kirk, M.B.A., D.P.S., reveals that dog owners have greater psychological ownership of their pets—and a willingness to pay more for their care.

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Student Profile: Melanie Benyadi

Profile | Jan 24, 2019

Melanie Benyadi (B.F.A. ’17) loves the thrill of competition. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in communication arts, the tennis player realized she loved problem-solving and is now winning competitions of a different kind as an M.B.A. student.

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What Happens to Bad Gifts?

Feature | Jan 16, 2019

In an article in The Conversation, Associate Professor of Marketing Deborah Cohn, Ph.D., explains what people do with unwanted gifts.

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Professor Gantasala's BUSI 435 Class Earns Global Top 25 Ranking

Blog | Dec 19, 2018

Students in Professor Gantasala's BUSI 435 class received Global Top 25 ranking from their GLO-BUS performance! BUSI 435 is a capstone course for business students that integrates knowledge and skills in various functional areas of business for corporate and business strategy development.
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Student Profile: Gabriella Veltri

Profile | Dec 07, 2018

After interning with the InterContinental New York Barclay for just six months, Gabriella Veltri was offered a full-time position. Now, the NYIT alumna has a full-time job and pursuing an M.B.A. at NYIT.

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Importance of Building Relationships in Business

Blog | Nov 29, 2018

Sam Osho, a senior undergraduate student majoring in Finance, discusses the importance of building relationships in the School of Management and how it is an instrumental skill to learn for his future.
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News Brief: Kirk Shares Research via The Conversation

Feature | Nov 26, 2018

Colleen Kirk, D.P.S., assistant professor of marketing in the School of Management, has reached a wide, non-specialist audience by writing an article describing her research for The Conversation US.
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NYIT at the NYC Veterans Day Parade

Feature | Nov 13, 2018

For the first time, more than 60 students, veterans, faculty, and staff marched as a dedicated group in the 2018 New York City Veterans Day Parade on November 11.

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