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Starting a Business to Help Others

Dec 17, 2019

In the sixth episode In Reality: Lessons from Leaders and Entrepreneur, John Rebecchi interviewed Ron Montgomery, who goes by Six because of his height, the founder of Six Juice.

Montgomery started juicing to help his mother when she had cancer. During this time, his mother was weak from chemotherapy and radiation, and Montgomery heard juicing had health benefits. As a result, he started making her juices even though he knew nothing about the process, and from this, his business started.

When Montgomery started, he did not know how to run a business. He explains in the podcast that he had no road map or guide and he had to create them as he went along. Additionally, Montgomery had to be resourceful and took the initiative to learn everything he could. He states, “You can do it if you put in the time.” To this day, Montgomery still loves what he does and his overall goal and mission with his company is to help others.

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Ron Montgomery and Dr. Cohn
Ron Montgomery and Dr. Deborah Y. Cohn, Professor of Marketing

By Konstance Teleisha