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Importance of Building Relationships in Business

Nov 29, 2018

As a student at New York Institute of Technology School of Management, I have learned the importance of relationships in a business setting. Building and maintaining long term relationships is the core to a successful business because the ability to obtain long term success in business is based on building and sustaining relationships with others.

I have gained this skill of building relationships from my time here at NYIT. Being on campus as a student ambassador, I have had to develop and maintain relationships with a diverse range of students, faculty members, and also with administrative staff. Also, classes like Communication for Business, School of Management Orientation, Foundations of Speech Communication, have, and continue to assist me with proper curriculum coursework relevant to my career aspirations, which is in Investment Banking. The knowledge and insight I have gained from my peers through building relationships and communicating in the School of Management, as well as discussions about faculty members’ career experiences and administrative insights have allowed me to have a better grasp on my future endeavors.

I have gained knowledge off campus from networking, building and maintaining relationships with professionals in my prospective industry to better understand business needs, which may not coincide with personal needs. The skills that I have learned both on and off campus are skills that I have been able to apply to my personal and professional life, especially as a member of the United States Army.

Overall, my experience here at NYIT SOM has been fulfilling!

By Samuel Osho

BS. Finance 19’

Edited By Konstance Teleisha