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Getting Hands-On with Concussions

Feature | Sep 04, 2020

NYITCOM research explores whether osteopathic techniques can improve concussion symptoms and help clinicians to better understand the impact of these injuries.

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NYITCOM Shines at OMED 2018

Feature | Oct 15, 2018

Students and faculty received research awards, grant funding, and plenty of accolades at this year’s conference for osteopathic physicians.

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Student Profile: James Docherty

Profile | Sep 19, 2018

Before heading the Cayman Islands for a family vacation, NYITCOM student James Docherty learned he was the new chair of the Committee on Medical Education, one of the AMA Medical Student Section Standing Committees.

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Medical Students Get in the Game With Their New Teaching Tool

Feature | Aug 22, 2018

Nephro360, a new teaching tool developed by Assistant Professor Alexsandr Vasilyev and NYITCOM students Ivan Bandovic and Dylan Carmichael, uses virtual reality and gaming technologies to help students learn about the kidney.

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Coating the Next Class of Future Physicians

Feature | Aug 16, 2018

The newest medical students in NYITCOM received their white coats, a rite of passage signifying their official start in medical school.

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Medical Students Treat Patients in Ghana and the Dominican Republic

Feature | Aug 03, 2018

NYITCOM students travelled to Ghana and the Dominican Republic for medical outreach and service learning. They went home with an experience they will never forget.

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Video: “Fuel” Does a Female Runner’s Body Good

Feature | Jul 23, 2018

In a Facebook Live session, Assistant Professor Joanne Donoghue, Ph.D., and NYITCOM student Mina Divan, talk about the right and wrong ways for runners to fuel their bodies.

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Student Experience in OMM Department

Blog | Jul 12, 2018

In addition to labs and lectures, we offer opportunities to take part in clinical preceptorships and OMM research activities, poster presentations, and education efforts.
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It’s a Match! NYITCOM Class of ’18 Learns Their Residency Matches

Feature | Mar 20, 2018

At Match Day, an event with all the anticipation of an NFL draft, NYITCOM students learned where they would complete their medical residency training.

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NYITCOM Students Take the Lead in Research

Feature | Oct 23, 2017

Six NYITCOM student posters placed first or second at the 2017 American Osteopathic Association Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition.

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