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Getting Hands-On with Concussions

Feature | Sep 04, 2020

NYITCOM research explores whether osteopathic techniques can improve concussion symptoms and help clinicians to better understand the impact of these injuries.

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Children Experience Concussions Longer Than Adults

Feature | Sep 18, 2018

A heads up for parents of young athletes: researchers at NYIT Center for Sports Medicine Concussion have found that children under 13 years old experience concussion symptoms three times longer than older teens and adults.

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Medical Students Get in the Game With Their New Teaching Tool

Feature | Aug 22, 2018

Nephro360, a new teaching tool developed by Assistant Professor Alexsandr Vasilyev and NYITCOM students Ivan Bandovic and Dylan Carmichael, uses virtual reality and gaming technologies to help students learn about the kidney.

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Video: “Fuel” Does a Female Runner’s Body Good

Feature | Jul 23, 2018

In a Facebook Live session, Assistant Professor Joanne Donoghue, Ph.D., and NYITCOM student Mina Divan, talk about the right and wrong ways for runners to fuel their bodies.

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The Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) on Parkinson’s Disease

Blog | Feb 12, 2018

Our research is aimed at determining the way in which OMT can improve the life of people living with Parkinson’s Disease.
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Treatment of Concussion

Blog | Feb 12, 2018

Comparing the effect of osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) versus concussion education in the treatment of concussion.
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NYITCOM Students Take the Lead in Research

Feature | Oct 23, 2017

Six NYITCOM student posters placed first or second at the 2017 American Osteopathic Association Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition.

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NYIT Center for Sports Medicine: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Video | Sep 10, 2016

Learn about the benefits of osteopathic manipulative medicine in the treatment of sports injuries.
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