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United Engineering Manhattan Hosts their 2nd Annual Hackathon

Apr 24, 2023

United Engineering clubs at the Manhattan Campus hosted their second annual Hackathon event. United Engineering encompasses five of the major student clubs within the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences; Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

This year, we welcomed 15 groups (52 registrants) to the event. Participants chose from one of two challenges: Easy track or Hard Track. During the event, groups were accompanied by a lineup of volunteer CoECS mentors and judges that included Maherukh Akhtar, Maria-Victoria Vladucu, Yuki Gao, Himani Parikh, and Austin Stietzel

The event was a major upgrade of the first Hackathon hosted back in April 2022.

Mary Margarette Sanchez, President of BMES says, “As one of the main organizers of the UE hackathon, my main goal was to create an environment where participants could unleash their creativity and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges presented. Months of planning and coordination went into the event, from creating a schedule, choosing the track prompts, selecting judges, advertisement, and customizing merchandise, we all worked hard for this to happen… As the hackathon progressed, it was amazing to see the different ideas and solutions that participants produced. The atmosphere was electric, with teams working tirelessly to finish their coding Marathon (Easy Track) or perfect their full-stack projects (Hard Track). It was incredibly rewarding to see the hard work and dedication of the participants, and to know that we had played a role in facilitating their creativity and innovation.

Sanzida Sultana, President of SWE, says, “The hackathon experience was an opportunity that students were able to take advantage of and gain hands-on experience that can help further their careers. We hope participants had an amazing time bonding over coding.”

Prof. Yuki Gao, a mentor for the event, valued the opportunity to participate.

“First, I would like to thank everyone that made the UE Hackathon possible. Having a hackathon hosted at New York Tech was a goal of mine when I was an undergraduate student. Being a mentor, I was able to learn more about the students and see their ideas through their codes and presentations. Overall, it was a great event, not just for competing, but also connecting students with one another and learning from each other’s ideas.”

After six hours of coding, the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, Dr. Babak Beheshti addressed the participants. Then, the groups presented their projects that were later reviewed by a panel of judges that included Professor Maherukh Akhtar and Professor Maria-Victoria.

Congratulations to our six group winners!

Hard Track Challenge: 

1st Place Group: Future SWEs

Team members: Vadim Kan, Deyby Rodriguez, Tahir Hossain


2nd Place Group: PsychoDevs

Team members: Alessio Salem, Aria Bagheri, Ali Elshehawi, Ali Gedawi


3rd Place Group: KYA

Team Members: Avivartta Krishna, Pemba Sherpa, Aditya Choudray

Easy Track Challenge:

1st Place Group: Pak-a-thon 

Team members: Ghalia Azam, Muhammad Usman, Egid Metalia, Malaika Malik


2nd Place Group: Team Rocket

Team members: Pranaav Venkatasubramanian, Shafil Jayed, Roberto Torres, Luis Jaco


3rd Place Group: Pickles

Team Members: Kennette Basco, Paul Mayer


Thank you to all who volunteered to support this incredible event. United Engineering hopes to host another event next spring.