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Urban Design Studio Mid-Term Review on October 29th, 2019 at Manhattan Campus

Nov 05, 2019

On October 29th, 2019, The Urban Design Studio held its mid-term review. The design studio problems focus on both theoretical and real contexts, utilizing required skills of architectural design to address broader issues of the form of cities, suburbs, and their regional inter-relationships.

Students had their work reviewed by a jury of experienced Architects and Urban Designers. A progressive approach was given by the critics to combat problems by inculcating Waterfront Development aspects, which is the current talk of the town.


  • Grahame Shane, Professor at Columbia
  • Ted Liebman, Partner at Perkins Eastman
  • Jon Schwarting, SoAD Faculty - NYIT
  • Jeffrey Raven, SoAD Faculty, NYIT

Graduate Students:

  • Revathi Selvaraj
  • Jinal Shah
  • Chaitri Rathod
  • Rudrika Rathore
  • Ayesha Mohammed
  • Karan Ambardekar