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Graduate Urban Design Studio 3 - Final Review December 2019 - NYC Campus

Dec 18, 2019

The third semester urban design studio engaged the waterfront district in the Shenshan coastal area within the Shenzhen Municipality as a laboratory and introduced ideas, representations, and
techniques of contemporary urban design and discourse through the lens of a resilient and sustainable built environment.
By analyzing and questioning the morphology/organizations/processes inherited from the past, graduate urban design students proposed new visions for the contemporary global eco-city. Through translating differing vernacular technologies; from mountainous and wetland terrains of the countryside into the vertical and horizontal terrain of the city, this urban design studio investigated the potential for scaling and evolving passive design strategies
from vernacular precedents to confront the challenges of 21st century urbanism. The graduate urban design students presented their final projects to a jury of leading NYC-based urban design practitioners
and scholars.


  • Stefan Al, Senior Associate / Principal - KPF
  • Ayman Tawfeeq, Urban Designer - KPF
  • Adam Frampton, Principal - Only If Architecture
  • Pooya Javaheri (MSAURD ‘17)– Urban Designer - Stonehill Taylor
  • Jeannette Sordi, Faculty - NYIT
  • Dong-Sei Kim, Faculty - NYIT
  • Tom Verebes,Associate Dean - NYIT


  • Jeffrey Raven, Faculty / Program Director - NYIT
  • Andrew Heid, Faculty - NYIT / No Architecture

Graduate Students:

  • Naqeeb Mohammed
  • Rosario Foinquinos
  • Yuval Eynath
  • Ishan Shah
  • Smriti Jaiswal
  • Poornima Elangopandian
  • Maria Morales
  • Surabhi Kale