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Graduate Urban Design Studio 1 - Final Review - NYC Campus

Dec 17, 2019

The first semester Urban Design students studied general as well as specific issues of urban design through waterfront projects in the 5 boroughs of New York City. The general issues related to the creation of spatial and functional design of the public realm in relation to a given urban context, whereas the more specific issues were storm surge and water runoff management, post industrial sites and programs, sustainability and resilience and future effects of rising tides and new modes of transportation. There was a positive sharing of information, research and ideas.


  • David Graham Shane, Professor at Columbia GSAPP
  • Ted Liebman, Partner at Perkins Eastman
  • Robert Lane - Former Director of Design, Regional Plan Association


  • Dong-Sei Kim, Assistant Professor, NYIT
  • Jeffrey Raven, Graduate Director/Associate Professor, NYIT

Graduate Students:

  • Revathi Selvaraj
  • Jinal Shah
  • Chaitri Rathod
  • Rudrika Rathore
  • Ayesha Mohammed
  • Karan Ambardekar