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Urban Climate Lab: Graduate Urban Design Final Review held on 14 May at NYIT-Manhattan

May 18, 2018

On 14 May 2018, The Urban Climate Lab course held its final review. The objective of the course it to envision urban design shaping transformative climate action in cities. It concentrates on urban design’s central role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, urban heat stress, adaptation, and resiliency.

Our graduate students worked in teams to develop quantitative and qualitative design interventions at the district scale. Building massing, urban ventilation, solar impacts, green infrastructure, and anthropogenic factors shape the urban design outcome. The project site was a continuation of the midterm: Sunnyside Yards district in Queens, New York.

A panel of leading experts participated as jurors to review student work for this midterm:


  • Daniela Henry, Senior Policy Advisor at Office of the Mayor, NYC
  • John Lee, Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, NYC
  • Timon McPhearson, Associate Professor of Urban Ecology, Urban Systems Lab at The New School
  • Christian Braneon, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Columbia University
  • Apoorv Goyal, Sustainable Design Specialist, HOK
  • Andrew Heid, Principal, NO ARCHTECTURE
  • Frances Huppert, FAIA, Architect
  • Dong-Sei Kim, SoAD Faculty—NYIT
  • Melissa Kelly, Sustainability Manager—Built Ecology from WSP USA

Graduate Students:

  • Alaa Marrawi
  • Avanti Chaphekaar
  • Juan Pedro Liotta
  • Kinjal Kholia
  • Luciana B. Nogueira Godinho
  • Rishika Shah
  • Ruchita Mistry
  • Wenshuo Liu