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Publication: Urban Design Studio-Spring 2018

Sep 04, 2018

In this Design Studio, students researched the intersection of urban form, low-carbon cities, and climate to confront a rapidly urbanizing world threatened by climate change.  Students configured a compact district to adapt and thrive in changing climate conditions, meet carbon-reduction goals, and sustain urban population. This Urban Climate Lab studio engages the city as a climate laboratory, introducing the ideas, representations, and techniques of contemporary urban design and discourse through the lens of a sustainable and resilient built environment. During the semester, students tested the hypothesis that re-configuring urban form according to climate-resilient principles will strengthen community adaptability to climate change, reduce energy consumption in the built environment and enhance the quality of the public realm. The project site was Sunnyside Yard district in Queens, New York where students developed quantitative and qualitative design interventions at a district scale. Publication Editor: Graduate student, Wenshuo Liu, 

PUBLICATION: Climate-Resilient & Sustainable District in Sunnyside Yard, NYC