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COP21 Paris: Cooling a Hot City

Dec 01, 2016

In conjunction with COP21 international climate negotiations in Paris, NYIT Graduate Program in Urban Design ran a Fall 2015 Paris Urban Design Studio to configure climate-resilient districts in Paris that confront the challenges of 21st century cites. The third-semester graduate students configured a central district to adapt and thrive in changing climate conditions, meet carbon-reduction goals, and sustain urban populations in compact settings. The graduate students worked from the offices of Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés, Architecture et Urbanisme, a leading architecture firm and were joined by leading French architects and international climate experts who (like the students) contributed to the UCCRN report. The project site is Place de l’Europe-Batignolles District, Paris 8em-17em. The Urban Climate Lab publication (2015) highlights similar interventions in Brooklyn, New York.