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The Sports Medicine Digest provides the latest updates from the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine as well as recommendations and advice to improve your performance and maintain your health in athletic pursuits.

NYITCOM @ Arkansas State Hosts Sports Medicine Conference

Apr 18, 2018

​For the second year in a row, NYITCOM @ Arkansas State hosted their Sports Medicine Conference “Support for the Student Athlete: Mind, Body and Spirit”. Health professionals and coaches gathered to discuss the best practices in the full care and support of athletes. Brittany Wagner from Netflix’s “Last Chance U” encouraged audience members to take an interest in their athletes and work with them to break down barriers and achieve their goals.

With over 1 million sports related concussions each year, Bhavesh Joshi, D.O., fostered a conversation on appropriate concussion care. Dr. Joshi explains, “This year we focused on the three aspects of an athlete in parallel with the current movement of the NCAA. Mind, Body, and Spirit are integral to the care of the athlete. Additionally, each year concussion management continues to evolve and be refined- and it is crucial we follow with the latest guidelines.” Later that evening Ann McKee, M.D., Director of the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Program at the Boston University School of Medicine, presented the latest updates in the consequences of repeat head injury.

“These conferences are great opportunities to spread the latest information in Sports Medicine.” said Hallie Zwibel, D.O., Director of Sports Medicine. “We hope to continue the dissemination of knowledge and collaboration between our two sites”, explains Dr. Zwibel.