Sports Medicine Digest

The Sports Medicine Digest provides the latest updates from the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine as well as recommendations and advice to improve your performance and maintain your health in athletic pursuits.

Hate to exercise? Do a zero-minute workout instead

Blog | Apr 30, 2019

Boost the intensity of your everyday movements and better your health.
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Squaring Off Against Head Injuries

Feature | Mar 29, 2019

New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning was a featured speaker at NYIT Center for Sport Medicine’s annual Head Injury Awareness Celebrity Sports Forum.

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Not Quite Game Over: Preventing eSports Injuries

Feature | Jan 17, 2019

NYIT researchers prove that eSports athletes face risk of injury just like any other athlete.

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CBSN Esports Interview

A New You in 2019

Blog | Dec 17, 2018

Center for Sports Medicine Announces Faculty & Staff Health and Wellness Challenge Kick-Off Session for January 15th.
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