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Profile: Jerry Balentine

Aug 21, 2023

While this will give an insight into the life of Dr. Balentine, it hardly scratches the surface of all the amazing work he has accomplished in his life. His interest in the medical field began when he was a little boy and his father would tell him several times a week that he is going to be a doctor. When he got older he honored his father’s dream for him, and ended up reaching many new heights of success within the medical field. He started his journey working as the chief medical officer and executive vice president of St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, now he holds the role of being New York Tech’s Provost and Vice President. Aside from his many accomplishments as a medical professional, a fun fact about Dr. Balentine is that him and his wife have a farm up state near the Catskills. When asked what benefits he believes there are from having a farm, Dr. Balentine states that it provides great balance to day-to-day life, it helps you appreciate the food you eat, and you are self-sufficient. Although he loves all food, he has different foods that he especially enjoys for different reasons. His top choices are sushi and steak. Sushi because he has explored sushi with his oldest daughter, and him and his daughters go out to sushi frequently. Steak, because it’s his son’s favorite, and his family locally sources their steaks and his wife is superb at cooking them. Dr. Balentine has many things to balance in his life, and he is able to do it with the support of his family. His secrets to success are to say yes first, take a look at what’s being done and realize there is more than one way to accomplish the same goal. He also credits his family with much of his success in life.