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Ying Shi Zhang

Dec 02, 2020

My name’s Ying Shi Zhang and I’m currently a sophomore at NYIT. My major is Digital Arts. I always knew that I wanted to be in a creative field. This was very different from what my parents had originally wanted me to do. But after having them witness my joy whenever I played music, draw, or something as simple as taking a photo, they slowly came to support me. I’m still learning what it is that I do best and my own style. For example, I love experimenting with different settings on my camera as well as utilizing creative lighting and backgrounds to capture the feelings I want to portray in my photos. I also like to go back to the traditional world where I can use paint and create artwork that reflects my current feelings. Almost like an escape from reality and into a world where only the present moment and feelings matter. It’s my little spark of happiness.

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