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Joseph Vasikauskas

May 23, 2023

Website | Webcomic

My name is Joseph Vasikauskas. I’m an illustrator, animator, and everything in-between. Technology allows for all different modes and methods of art to be made, and I like to explore all my possible avenues while creating new things. While not working on my webcomic, I take classes in the Fine Art and Technology program to explore, design, and redefine myself as an artist in the ever-growing world of Digital Media. As a student and then a member of the NYIT workplace since 2011, I’m also committed to helping my fellow students explore their own niche’s and follow their creative goals.

My thesis, Motiondising x [Kusanagi Legacy] | Motiondising x [Kusanagi Legacy], merges the viewing of still artwork and animation using Augmented Reality, or AR. By showcasing the ease of interconnectivity between mediums through AR, I aim to enlighten content creators on how they can bridge styles of work in a physical setting and increase audience engagement in their works. Using my original series Kusanagi Legacy as an example, I've have created a variety of real and mockup merchandising that can be enjoyed traditionally but also elevated through easy-to-watch animation through AR.

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