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Steven Lew

Aug 05, 2020

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My name is Steven G. Lew (Stevie G. for short); I am an MFA graduate of the Fine Art and Technology program at the New York Institute of Technology. I have explored several different fields of digital art, including graphic design, motion graphics, 3D modeling, virtual reality, and live audio-reactive visual projections.

After receiving my BFA in Animation and Illustration in 2017, I sought to employ my knowledge and work ethics through freelance projects for small businesses. Subsequently, I undertook a position as a digital art teacher specializing in graphic and web design at a summer camp. Although teaching has opened up a gateway for sharing my expertise with younger artists, I felt compelled to continue exploring other mediums within digital art. As a result, I decided to enroll at NYIT in pursuit of my Master’s in 2018, where I became fascinated by the concept of visual projections and interactive installations.

In light of my studies, I constructed my thesis based around a program called Resolume Avenue, an audio-reactive and visual projection-based program controlled through a MIDI device. Ultimately, the viewer can interact and create their own story based on a series of visuals and short films I created by using the MIDI device.

One of my many goals is to elevate visual storytelling to a whole new level by utilizing various mediums such as VR, visual projection, and allowing the viewer to interact with said story. The story should not only appeal to the audience, but it should also immerse them by letting viewers make their own decisions to progress a compelling narrative.

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