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Micah Rimando

Aug 07, 2020

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I’m Micah Rimando from the Philippines. I’m a 3D Animation Master’s candidate at the New York Institute of Technology.

I finished my bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ateneo de Manila University, in 2018, with a major in Information Design. I use art, design, and technology to tell the stories of those who are silenced — and advocate social justice, democracy, and freedom. Furthermore, I dream to have more representation of the marginalized Filipino groups such as the indigenous tribes, laborers, farmers, and impoverished communities.

Growing up, I have experienced an immense sense of disconnect with foreign-dominated media, which includes animation. There are not many prominent animated characters carrying the Filipino identity and struggle, as well as Filipino setting and stories. I dream of taking part in revolutionizing the Filipino animation industry so that the social realities faced by the Filipinos may reach a wider audience, prompting action from vast audiences.

As a student at NYIT, my goal is to create social-realist animations about issues such as natural disasters and climate change that would draw attention to the plight of the marginalized sectors of society, especially in developing countries like the Philippines. I’d like to inspire grassroots movements that will increase awareness of disaster risk reduction. My art tackles how the masses suffer the most from the consequences of decisions made mainly by the ruling class.

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