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Jung Hee Kim / M.A. Class of 2019

Jul 27, 2020

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I am a UX/UI Designer who loves to improve everyday life to inspire others.

I am doing a Master’s degree in UX/UI Design & Development at the New York Institute of Technology, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Chinese studies and Economics at Korea University.

The foundation which I have established through various experiences, including being a leader of the Korean Chinese culture exchange organization, an intern of a leader a leading bank in Korea, and an intern of the Korean Society, aids me to dream bigger to become a person who has a thoughtful mind.

My life goal is to establish my own corporation that can accord convenient tech design bases for users, but this dream is not just about establishing a company but about changing perspective, learning how to collaborate with different people from different backgrounds, learning how to rediscover what’s been missing in society.

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