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Isabella Butterfield

Nov 16, 2020


My name is Isabella Butterfield! I am a Digital Arts major from New York who is currently a sophomore at NYIT working towards my bachelor’s degree. I work mostly with digital art and 2D animation, but I also like to work with acrylic paint, markers, and microns. I have experience so far with Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Illustrator. As of recent I am also currently learning Maya for 3D work. Finally, I am a big fan of fictional stuff involving the supernatural, such as fantasy and horror!

I have always been extremely interested and had an appreciation for animation and the production of all types of creative visual media meant for entertainment. I love the stories that different art forms are able to tell and the impact they can leave on people! As a result, my main goal and dream job is to be involved in the making of animated entertainment professionally.

My main point of interest is taking part in the creation of animated TV shows. I aspire to be a 2D animator, storyboarder, or character designer. I also have an interest in video games and webcomics.

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