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Haley Akl

Nov 09, 2020

My name is Haley Akl, and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Digital Arts at NYIT. I have always gravitated towards art. Coming from an artistic family, I was surrounded by creativity at a young age. Watching animated movies and shows growing up always piqued my interest resulting in a passion within me to learn more about how such things were created.

It wasn’t until I was in my early teens that I seriously considered pursuing art as a career. I started exploring different mediums and learning as much as I could. Art came naturally to me, and it was something that I could easily express myself with.

3D Animation, Digital Illustration, and Graphic Design are some of the branches of art that I enjoy working in. I also love creating traditional art like oil painting and mixing different mediums together such as colored pencils, pen, and watercolor. Creating stories and conveying emotion through my work is something I greatly enjoy. One of my biggest goals as an artist is to one day inspire people, young and old, through my artwork and hopefully make an impact in their lives.

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