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Digital Art and Design Department

Aug 15, 2020

Departments of Digital Art & Design

Prepare to make your mark as an animator, designer, or digital artist in the place where the founders of Pixar got their start. Renowned for professionalism, digital innovation, and serious fun, our program offers undergraduate and graduate degree options in animation, fine arts and technology, and graphic design.

A distinguished faculty of practicing artists and designers expose you to an academic experience that fosters creative exploration, critical thinking, refined craftsmanship, and professional development. Your creativity and technological skills will thrive in our “HIVE,” a unique research-studio environment where students creatively explore, innovate, and solve problems using motion capture, gaming, 3-D printing, and state-of-the-art graphics hardware and software.

Based in New York, the art and media capital of the world, our program connects you to the industry through internships, workshops, seminars, an artist-in residence program, and juried events such as the annual NYIT Film and Animation Festival. When you join our program you become part of digital art history. And when you leave, you’ll have a professional portfolio showcasing your work to open the door to your own bright future.

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