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Charisse Clardy

Jul 31, 2020

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My name is Charisse Clardy from Bronx, New York. I am an Undergraduate Senior in the Digital Arts Department here at the New York Institute of Technology. My focus is in Character Design, Illustration, and 3d Modeling.

During my studies at NYIT, I began doing freelance work. From my Sophomore year to the present time, I have been creating logos and illustrations that have been placed on apparel for a small business.

The arts, whether it’s visual or performing arts have been a huge part of my life, and my active involvement in the arts and encouragement from my art teachers in high school is what led to me aspiring for a career within the arts industry. I am a self-taught artist and a lot of what I know now I did not know how to do when I first arrived in the classrooms of NYIT. I came to this Institution to gain the knowledge and experience needed in pursuit of a career in Game Production, and through the guidance of the faculty here I have obtained lifelong skills that have brought me closer to obtaining that dream.

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