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Adam Marano

Sep 03, 2020

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I’m Adam Marano, a traditional artist and graphic designer from Warren, Pennsylvania. Even as a child, I gravitated towards art, but being from a rural area my passion was seen as a hobby: I never thought of pursuing it as a career. I enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school. However, you would still find me painting murals on squad bay walls and designing tattoos for the men in the barracks. After leaving the service, I started down the higher education path towards computer science, but it wasn’t for me! I needed more color in my life. Less binary and more abstraction.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Digital Art and was grateful to receive the Faculty Traditional Media award. I have met many dear friends and have had the privilege of learning from some of the greatest artists I have ever known.

My goal as an artist is to use my love of analog and digital mediums to ignite peoples’ passion and respect for traditional art. Art has been elevated by the computer, but also cheapened by its ease of use and access. Art is our history, sometimes our only history! Our society is poorer without it, and I won’t stop until everyone I meet has a painting from a living artist on their wall.

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