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Get Your Chemistry On!

May 07, 2019

On May 4th, NYIT Life Sciences students, Chuxuan Wang, Param Shukla, Abdul Newaz, Rahul Ubriani, and Matthew Schneider along with Life Science Assistant Professors Jole Fiorito, PhD and Americo Frabroni PhD attended the 67th undergraduate research symposium organized by the New York section of the American Chemical Society at Queens College.

The symposium provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduate chemistry students in the New York metropolitan area to present the results of their research. Students run the entire meeting, providing them with valuable experience in roles that prepare them for academic like. For example Param Shukla served as a moderator for one of the sessions of student talks. Chuxuan Wang presented the results of her research that she conducts with her mentor, Dr. Fiorito to synthesize novel phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Dr. James G. Anderson of Harvard University gave a keynote talk discussing the chemistry of climate change.