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Panoramas of Cinema: Image Search Lecture by Jorge Orozco, Dr. Sc. ETHZ

Feb 07, 2022

MS_ACT Master of Science in Architecture, Computational Technologies

MS_ACT LECTURE SERIES S2022 Informed actualizations: From AI to physical computation

The MS ACT Lecture Series aims at discussing research
framed by invited guest speakers. The MS ACT Program focuses on architecture
expanding relationships between science, technology and culture through
innovation in algorithms, simulations, ai, robotics, robotic fabrication and
materials. The spring 2022 lecture series discusses alternative means to
understand the dialectics between the ideal digital and the physical digital.
Within an architecture of information, ai, robotics and materials are thought
as actualization interfaces. This process understands information flows and
their actualizations as architecture.

February 17 2022 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. est via zoom

Panoramas of Cinema: Image Search

Introduction and Moderation:

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Director, MS ACT, New York Institute
of Technology-SoAD


Jorge Orozco, Dr. Sc. ETHZ

AI-powered search engines, like Google Search, deal with
information in large quantities and in real-time. These generic applications
create spectrums of possible answers and help the user to navigate and make
decisions on a vast sea of information. Architectural articulations from many
places and times are part of this abundance: images, texts, videos, 3D models,
drawings. A novel memory of architecture is online available at the fingertips.
How is this global memory informing today’s architectural decisions? What is at
stake when thinking of generic search engines as personal instruments for new

This talk will present Panoramas of Cinema, an open
search engine tailored to a personal collection of movies curious about
architecture. PoC explores the qualification of spaces by implementing Machine
Learning techniques on millions of images, clips, and dialogues extracted from
movies. It will further introduce Studio METEORA, a research-driven design
studio that aims to bring online information into architectural

Jorge is a senior researcher and lecturer based in the
Digital Architectonics group at the ETH Zurich’s Department of Architecture,
and a guest lecturer at the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy
of Techniques in TU Vienna. He is interested in the world of architecture
online (its images, movies and texts) and in the Machine Intelligence that
deals with it. Jorge writes and codes on the challenges and fictions that this
novel interplay presents to architecture theory and practice today.Jorge was a
guest researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. He obtained a
Dr.Sc. degree and a Master in Advanced Studies degree from ETH Zurich, and a
Master in Advanced Architecture degree with specialization in Digital Tectonics
from IAAC, Barcelona. He graduated from the UMSNH’s Faculty of Architecture,