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Dec 23, 2021

Informed Realism

MS in Architecture, Computational Technologies Program, School of Architecture and Design, New York Institute of Technology

ARCH 701B Studio Prof. Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa

Final Review discussion with Distinguished Guest Critics: Mario Carpo, Gustavo Rincon, Maider Llaguno, Evangelos Pantazis, Sandra Manninger, Fred Levrat, Marcella del Signore, Christian Pongratz, Tom Verebes and Nelson Montas. Students: Salma Kattass, Yousef Ismail, Farah Jalil and Kavya Sista.

Studio Syllabus Brief:

ARCH 701B is the first Advanced Design Studio for the Master of Science in Computational Technologies at NYIT. The studio focuses on specific design questions addressing them through a problem of representation in computational design. Students are asked to question architecture representation by implementing, displacing, advancing, and developing computer algorithms, activating computer science. An Informed Realism becomes active once survey is understood as an act of design, activating data science. The latent conditions, -sites, conventions and latent ideas of real spaces are surveyed, analyzed, expanded, critiqued and displaced to activate relationships between explicit information flows and implicit virtual simulations. The studio problematizes media determinism by displacing computer science in relation to data science. In addition the studio questions computational determinism in relation to simulation and emergent evolutionary computation.