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Digital Futures World: Pablo LORENZO-EIROA, Director MS in Architecture Computational Technologies

Jun 27, 2020

Digital Futures World: Big Data Dynamics, Lecture by Pablo LORENZO-EIROA, Director MS in Architecture Computational Technologies

Digital Futures World Instructor Showcase, Big Data Dynamics, Workshop Instructor

Big Data Dynamics Workshop 2020 Tom Verebes, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Gabriel Munnich

2020-06-27 to 07-03 DIGITAL FUTURES participation. New York Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Design will be participating in the Digital Futures. World event with talks, recorded lectures and workshops organized by Tongji University of Shangai, China organized by Phillip Yuan and Neil Leach. Digital Futures Workshop will be lead by Associate Dean Tom Verebes, Associate Professor Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and including Teaching Assistant Gabriel Munnich ( The workshop inscription is open and is tuition free, and the professors are donating their time to contribute to the pandemic efforts in China and Asia. The workshop Big Data Dynamics will include survey and processing of Big Data to activate specific architecture agendas.

Digital Futures World include talks, workshops and recorded lectures by Peter Eisenman, Nicolai Ourousoff, Patrik Schumarcher, Wolf Prix, Tom Mayne, Hashim Sarkis, Nader Tehrani, Achim Menges, Sanford Kwinter, Jenny Sabin, Rachel Armstrong, Neil Leach, Phillip Yuan, Ersela Kripa, Antoine Picon, Phillippe Morel,Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger, Biayna Bogosian, Tom Verebes, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Liam Young, Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto, Gabriel Esquivel, Mariana Ibanez, Simon Kim, Mark Burry, Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo, Behnaz Farahi, Joseph Choma, Soomeen Hahm, Casey Rehm, Mike Xie, Nic Bao, Satoru Sugihara, Roland Snooks, Alisa Andrasek, Philippe Block, Areti Markopoulou, Alessio Erioli, Alessanro Zamparelli, Filippo Nasetti, Sina Mostafavi, giles Retsin, Pablo Herrera, Evangelos Pantazis, and many interesting experimental architects and theoreticians.

A One Week Series of 24/7 Free Online Workshops & Talks
June 27- July 03, 2020