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Alumni Profile: Amanda Kaminaris

Profile | Sep 21, 2018

Amanda Kaminaris applied for NYIT’s undergraduate advanced research program thinking it would be a good resume builder. Instead, biomedical research became a major part of her education.
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News Brief: Professor Eugene Mitacek Funds Excellence in Life Sciences

Feature | Sep 05, 2018

Professor Eugene J. Mitacek, Ph.D., makes two $20,000 donations to fund awards that recognize the exceptional work of NYIT students and faculty.

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Throwing Light on STEM Innovation

Feature | Sep 04, 2018

NYIT researchers received a $426,621 grant from the National Science Foundation for a micro-computed tomography machine, which will allow them to explore the internal spaces and structures of specimen at the microscopic level.

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NYIT Receives NSF Grant, Aims to Strengthen Regional STEM Innovation

News Release | Sep 04, 2018

NYIT researchers have secured $426,621 in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the acquisition of a micro-computed tomography machine.

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Hunting for Bacteriophages in the Kitchen Sink

Feature | Jun 28, 2018

Assistant Professor Bryan Gibb, Ph.D., and a team of undergraduate students look to the kitchen sponge for solutions to antibiotic resistance.

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NYIT Wins ESD Grant for Bioengineering Laboratory

News Release | Jun 25, 2018

Empire State Development, the New York State economic development agency, has awarded NYIT $150,000 to support the creation of a bioengineering laboratory as part of New York State’s Life Sciences Initiative.

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NYIT Life Science students summer internship

News Brief: FEW Researchers Strategize at NYIT

Feature | Jun 20, 2018

Scientists, designers, and others interested in the food/energy/water nexus met at NYIT to establish a research network.

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