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Student Worker Spotlight: Subarna Dutta (SoAD Graphic Design '23)

Oct 07, 2022

What’s Your Experience In CSEE as A Career Ambassador?

My experience as a Career Ambassador has been great so far, with an excellent group of supervisors who not only guide me, but emphasize the importance of how to kickstart my career as a graphic designer. Within the span of 9 months, I have gained so much from this job which I will definitely carry on with me in the future.

What is One Thing That You Learned From CSEE?

One thing that I learned from CSEE is that I have no fear of failure. Everyday I learn something new, whether that be a soft skill such as communication or a hard skill such as photoshop skills. People often have this mindset that your supervisor will reprimand you for not knowing something, but for me it’s a learning experience. So, it’s more of the basic things that I learn from my supervisor about anything.

How is the work environment in CSEE?

The work environment here is engaging and very informative for me, considering that I work alongside my supervisor and colleagues. I know whenever there’s an issue, concern, or just a question, I can turn to them to ask questions. In this office, everyone gets together to solve the problem no matter what it is. It is always a great experience when we get together for lunch and share our ideas and thoughts about how we can create a better experience for students at New York Tech.

What advice would you give a student who wants to become a Student Worker?

Work professionally, learn new things, and always ask questions about what you’re doing. Think about what you’re contributing to in this work study and how your supervisor may see your contribution to it. Try to come up with new ideas and it can be anything small that will help in what you do.

What’s it like maintaining a student and worker life balance?

For me, it’s quite easy considering that whatever I leave off at work, stays at work until I come back the next day to work on it. Another reason is, I have one plan for work study, and the other for studies. When it comes to planning for work, I usually do it according to how I see my upcoming days at work. For example, if there are specific events coming up that I need to make flyers for, and I don’t have time to get to them, I keep that in my schedule as the next assignment, when I come in. Whereas for studies, I make sure that all my homework, assignments, and projects are up to date for submission. I would say that scheduling and time management makes everything easy.

Which one is easy for you? Being a student or being a student worker?

I would say being a student worker because when I’m given tasks at work, I know by the time I leave, they have to be done. If not, then I can come back and work on it, IF there’s no penalty for it. As a student, if I don’t finish an assignment on time, then of course the penalties would be getting low grades. So, for me, being a student worker is less stressful than being a student.

What’s your favorite aspect of being both a student and worker? And least favorite aspect?

My favorite thing about being a student and worker is that I can differentiate between the dedication that I put into both of the positions I hold.