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Unlocking Opportunities: Why Business Cards Are Your Ticket to Success in a Fast-Paced World

Blog | Nov 17, 2023

Seize success on the go! Discover the power of business cards in a fast-paced world. Get your bundle at New York Tech.
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Navigating the Summer Internship Struggle: Lessons from One Student's Journey

Blog | Nov 03, 2023

Join CSEE Ambassador Joe Tapia as he learns to overcome self-doubt, technical hiccups, and missed opportunities to find success. Get inspired to bounce back from setbacks and embrace the natural rhythm of trial and error on your own career path.
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A Career Journey: Linda Darroch-Short

Blog | Oct 13, 2023

Join CSEE Ambassador Joe Tapia in this sixth edition of A Career Journey: as he sits down with Linda Darroch-Short, Director of Student Life at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at New York Institute of Technology.
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Student Spotlight: Darshankumar Savaliya (CoECS '24)

Blog | Oct 06, 2023

Discover the Incredible Journey of an International Student's Summer Internship at a Cutting-Edge Insurance Tech Company! Dive into the world of software engineering and blockchain technology at Zinnia, formerly known as SE2. Explore their groundbreaking "Zahara" project and the immersive, collaborative environment that propelled this student's career forward. Don't miss insights from New York Techs own, a glimpse into innovative insurance tech, and the exciting extension of the internship. Click now to uncover a world of learning, growth, and innovation!
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Navigating Opportunities: A Recap of NYIT's Fall 2023 Student Employment Fair

A Career Journey: Dr. Akinobu Watanabe

Blog | Sep 22, 2023

Join CSEE Ambassador Joe Tapia in this fifth edition of A Career Journey: as he sits down with Dr. Akinobu Watanabe, assistant professor in the anatomy department at the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine.
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Walking Through an Avalanche

Blog | May 05, 2023

Join Steven Vannatta as he discusses his experiences from a site visit conducted by the office of Career Success and Experiential Education to the makers of Rage 2 & the Just Cause series, Avalanche Studios.
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A Career Journey: Daniel Haffner

Blog | Apr 28, 2023

Join CSEE Ambassador Joe Tapia in this fourth edition of A Career Journey: as he sits down with Daniel Haffner, Mechanic B in Capital Planning and Facilities.
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Student Employees, Supervisors Shine

Feature | Apr 19, 2023

New York Tech celebrates National Student Employment Week every April to honor student employees and the outstanding work they perform while simultaneously managing their academics.


A Career Journey: Melissa Huey

Blog | Apr 14, 2023

Join CSEE Ambassador Joe Tapia in this third edition of A Career Journey: as he sits down with Melissa Huey Assistant Professor of Psychology.
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