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Student Spotlight: Darshankumar Savaliya (CoECS '24)

Oct 06, 2023

I recount my Summer Intern experience in Insurance Tech Company at Bridgewater, NJ Office. I am an International Student from India, having Bachelor’s degree in information technology at India. Now majoring Masters in Computer Science at Manhattan Campus. (Graduating in December 2023)

I'm thrilled to share the remarkable experiences I gained during my Summer Internship 2023. Throughout this internship, I had the privilege of diving into the world of software engineering and blockchain technology. My journey took place at Zinnia, formerly known as SE2. Zinnia provides technology solutions, marketplace offerings, and TPA services enable end-to-end insurance experiences for consumers, advisors, and insurers.

At the outset, I expected to accumulate knowledge and gain practical experience within the insurance industry. However, little did I know that this internship would exceed my expectations in every possible way. I involved to the "Zahara" project, a pioneering initiative in Blockchain Digital Ledger technology. A Cloud-native and open platform which automates complex processes, lowers operational risk, and improves productivity. More Versatile, More Adaptable, More Secure. Zahara uses digital ledger technology to efficiently gather, store, and secure data. It creates an immutable source of truth that transforms product and policy creation, and management.

As an individual embarking on my career, Zinnia provided me with an environment characterized by openness and collaboration, qualities I consider indispensable. The organization granted me the freedom to learn and grow, all while infusing an element of fun into the process. We enjoyed team outings and shared meals, fostering connections not just within our team but throughout the entire office. Zinnia's unwavering commitment to creating a rewarding experience for its employees became evident every day.

During my internship, I shouldered various responsibilities. I crafted numerous JAVA files to map services and developed Python scripts to streamline load-testing on the ledger, a pivotal component of our work. Most significantly, I immersed myself in extensive ledger testing, replicating diverse policy scenarios to contribute to end-to-end automation. Additionally, I worked on mapping accord data of policies and transforming it into a more accessible format, making it easier for all stakeholders to access this critical information.

I had the privilege of joining lunch meetings with top executives like CEO Michelle Trogni, CTO Brad Medd, CFO, CPO, and other senior leaders. These sessions offered priceless insights into our organization's operations, including deep dives into critical problem-solving and decision-making strategies. These interactions provided a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the organization's inner workings. At the conclusion of our internship, all the interns, including myself, had the privilege of presenting to top executives. We shared our ideas, research, and solutions to address key challenges within the organization. This presentation highlighted our contributions and emphasized the value of fresh perspectives and innovation in driving positive change.

While my journey at Zinnia was undoubtedly transformative, the focus here is on my personal experiences and professional growth. The organization not only provided me with a platform for learning but also embraced me within a supportive and collaborative community. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Zinnia for investing in my development as a budding professional.

As I look back on my internship, I am excited about the valuable insights I've gained, the projects I've contributed to, and the connections I've forged. My experiences at Zinnia have equipped me with the skills and knowledge I need as I continue my journey in the realm of technology and beyond.

Last but not least, I'm excited to share that Zinnia offered me an extension of my internship. This opportunity and eager to contribute even more to the organization's growth while continuing my own professional development. They have shown tremendous confidence in my abilities, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of further collaboration and learning at Zinnia. This extension reaffirms my commitment to achieving personal and organizational excellence as I continue to explore the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

This Article was contributed by Darshankumar Savaliya, a Computer Science masters student at New York Institute of Technology.