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Navigating Opportunities: A Recap of NYIT's Fall 2023 Student Employment Fair

Sep 29, 2023

On Tuesday, September 19, NYIT hosted the Fall 2023 student Employment Fair on the Manhattan campus.

Now if you didn’t attend or if you just don’t pay attention to events at all, you may be pretty confused. You see, the Student Employment Fair is an in-person event where students are given the chance to meet with various on-campus departments, federal work-study community-service partners, and other Career Success & Experiential Education partners to discuss employment opportunities. A wide selection of food and refreshments were also provided at the fair.

A total of nine off-campus partners and on-campus departments and a whopping 343 students attended the fair on the Manhattan and Old Westbury Campus. I had the privilege of attending the fair on Tuesday, where I interviewed students and partners alike on their thoughts on the fair and what they were hoping to get out of it.

“I found what I was looking for, though I didn’t see anybody from the school of management. I met Daniel, from Career Success & Experiential Education, and he’s helped me out.” Dave Kabra, a Business Administration major said when asked how the fair was going for him. I also asked him to clarify what he was trying to get from the fair, to which he said: “I was looking for on-campus jobs since I’m a first semester student and we’re not allowed to work off campus. It was either a paid on-campus job or financial aid.” 

Laura Fairlamb, volunteer coordinator for Reading Partners, which is an educational non-profit that focuses on elementary literacy in New York City Public school, had this to say about the event: “I’m enjoying meeting everyone. Seems to be a lot of interesting excitement.” When asked what she was looking to get out of this employment fair, she responded: “I’m looking for engaged students that are able to take what they learned from the classroom regardless of what field that is and to bring that in their tutoring sessions to engage and inspire young readers.”

At the end of the event, I had the opportunity to chat with the organizer of the student employment fair and Associate Director of Student Employment, Denniesia Cameron, about the event. 

“It’s been really good. We’ve had a lot of engagement with students as well as our on-campus and off-campus partners. We’ve had students learn about a lot of off-campus and on-campus student employment opportunities.” She answered. Denniesia added: “The goal of the student employment fair is to inform students of certain employment opportunities for the Fall semester, specifically for departments that are actively recruiting. We also seek to increase the visibility of our office and our non-profit partners.” 

This year’s student employment fair was lively and productive for both students and employers alike. Be sure to attend the next fair! You might just find the employment opportunity you’re looking for!

This Article was contributed by Joe Tapia, CSEE Ambassador in the office of Career Success and Experiential Education.

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